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At IGC we are existing as an N.G.O to render selfless service to humanity by giving a helping hand to vulnerable people in our community that are finding it difficult to make ends meet.

IGC Operation Save a Life Project

There is no higher religion than service to humanity” Albert Einstein. Our overall objective is to render selfless service to humanity, by giving helping hands to vulnerable people in our community that cannot afford to pay their hospital bills.If you fall into this category of people then OPERATION SAVE A LIFE project is for you. Apply via the link below:

Initiative for Global Change 2023 Calendar

You can get a copy of our programme Calendar for the year 2023 by clicking the link below.

Initiative for global change today with david owaboye

Join us live every monday by 11am in the morning on instagram @davidowaboye

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The IGC Foundation appreciates the dedication of our enthusiastic volunteers

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Evolving a New Nigeria

A new Nigeria is possible with a collective effort from each one of us to change our thinking and attitude.

You can download your copy of our new publication titled Evolving A New Nigeria by donating a token to support our project.

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We are in need of people of all abilities and backgrounds to participate in almost every component of the foundation’s operations. To apply to be a volunteer, please, click here 

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Initiative for Global Change is all about selfless service to humanity. it’s about being our brother’s keeper, putting smiles on the faces of people and wiping away their tears; defending the defenseless and and giving voice to the voiceless

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One of our assignments in life is to always wipe away tears from people’s eyes and that is basically what Initiative for Global change is all about. 

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What We Do


Protecting Human Right

Promoting and protecting respect for human right, rule of law and democratic institution through judicial process.


Capacity Building

Capacity building through symposiums, workshops, seminars, lectures by training people on entrepreneurial skill acquisition.


Organizing Conferences

Awareness creation through organizing national and international conferences, through publications vide news letters, articles in magazines and newspaper.


Maximum Impact

To create and enhance maximum impact amongst the youth with a view of fostering mutual relationship and unity amongst same, taking into consideration cultural values and religion.

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The IGC Foundation appreciates the dedication of our enthusiastic volunteers. Our volunteers are truly the lifeblood of the foundation, ensuring our activities/events run smoothly and our clients feel welcome.

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