Yes financial integrity is the password to financial dignity!! There is no gainsaying that many problems of life answers to financial abundance. As a matter of fact, until you are financially free, you can’t be free indeed!!!

Poverty dehumanizes human dignity so every sane human must desire to be financially free. But like every other issues of life, there must be a balance to our crave for gold, otherwise glorious destinies can be aborted cheaply if we don’t “tame our appetite” for crave to be rich at all cost.

Financial crookedness is the expressway to destruction. Any wealth you don’t acquire legitimately does not have a future. We need to learn from history because most wealth ill-gotten yesterday evaporated like a vapour. Walking in financial integrity may appear slow in the school of wealth creation but the end is sure.

Let us sign in for financial integrity as we pursue our goal in life for it will make our world a better place.

  • A wise person works to learn while an average person works to earn so, focus on learning and you will equally earn.
  • Remember, doing your own business is very important. Do your own business and earn your own money.
  • There is nothing mystical about getting to the top in life if only we are ready to pay the price.
  • When you invest, you are purchasing the day you don’t need to work.
  • The price you are willing to pay will determine the kind of reward you will walk away with.
  • Do all it takes to get result as result is the cure for insults.
  • The best vehicle for creating wealth is entrepreneurship not salary as salary is the medicine for managing poverty.
  • Remember that there are many moneybags that are also sorrowful bags.
  • You don’t grow big to manage wealth rather you manage wealth to grow big.